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Undefeated roulette tricks vs forex?

i'm new in this forex stuff (not even starting yet) & first time visiting Forex. But i've read that forex basically gambling (guessing either it goes up or down, and you got previous data as reference). I'm also read about foolproof gambling tricks that works in real life roulette. Basically it goes like this :
  1. bet $1 on red - if you win, repeat step 1.
  2. if you lose, bet $3. if you win, repeat step 1.
  3. if you lose again, bet $6. if you win, repeat step 1.
  4. if you lose again, bet $14. if you win repeat step 1.
  5. if you lose again, bet $31. if you win, repeat step 1
so, can this be apply on forex trading? (there's lot ads about forex trading apps, thinking to try it) can't profit big, but seem cant lose either. might be a good strategy. any thought?
edit 1 : what i mean in this forex is binary options, which some forex trading apps operates.
edit 2 : it takes 5 unlucky trading before $55 account blown off. is that really common to get 5 unlucky trading in a row?
edit 3 : here's the math (cnp from reply)
some forex apps (like expert option or olymp trade) operate on binary option (this is unregulated securities?) where usually they give 80% return on trade. the math goes like this :
  1. $1 trade and win = $0.80 profit
  2. lose then $3 trade and win = $2.4 - $1 (lose) = $1.4 profit
  3. lose then $6 trade and win = $4.8 - $4 (lose) = $0.8 profit
  4. lose then $14 trade and win = $11.2 - $10 (lose) = $1.2 profit
  5. lose then $31 trade and win = $24.8 - $24 (lose) = $0.8 profit
edit 4 : some reply said **binary options type forex trading apps** are scam & fraud. bummer. maybe trading via smartphone isnt easy as i thought.
edit 5 : still, add some ability to reading indicator & chart could help avoiding 5 unlucky trading in a row. damn, if i'm a programmer, i'll make a trading bots based on this idea xD

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Theory of Siege toxicity.

Just a theory. (WARNING: Incoming wall of death...text*)
The game requires people to accept and behave in a way that is at odds with the average FPS gaming experience. Let me explain.
First of all let's point out it's an FPS. First person shooters are notorious for being competitive and cut throat. Not saying FPS is generally the most toxic (MOBA games I'm looking at you) but they definately are not the least toxic by any means. At a basic level people arent going to be as nice or cooperative as other genres. You're basically playing a "who's a better killer" simulator without the parts that make conflict suck in reality. There is a whole different discussion we could have about how this kind of gameplay influences and reinforces aggressive behavior that neurology has proven, but, I AM STEERING, THE FUCK CLEAR, OF THAT. In most games the player just respawns and has another go until the time or points reach an end, which is mindless and fun. Even hyper competitive games like CSGO allow servers to create custom conditions that are great for blowing off steam and playing casually (modding/orange rooms/etc). Siege doesnt have a place for players to go in this regard, its either competitive game modes or unsupported 3 year old game modes. But it's important to remember Siege has Casual and Ranked game modes, and they are nearly identical and played almost identically. The only alternative is Terrorist hunt and situations which are lackluster to say the least. That leads to another couple of points and the rest of this death by text document rant.
Most games you play are solo experiences that dont punish you for making mistakes or hold you accountable to your teammates. In a game that doesnt offer alternatives to this situation you already have fertile ground for toxic behavior.
Most online shooters are made to make players feel like 80s action heroes that can badass their way through most challenges. Your character has the ability to adapt to all of the games situations without the help of anyone. You fill any role and can absorb damage without slowing down (even recharging health or living through headshots in some cases). Everything is intuitive from the start (similar to other FPS games), and doesnt distract from the core gameplay loop of: out frag/kill your opponet. Games like COD, Battlefield, Halo, even (arguably) CSGO do this by prioritizing the individual experience and making team play a secondary/less crucial priority. Even at their highest levels of play, the dominate teams are the ones with the best individual fraggers. Siege is designed with opposite principles, and doesnt let you have a alternative familar game mode to enjoy.
Just a quick note. Fraggers are generally players who play for kills exclusively. Their gameplay style relies and is predacated on being a consistant better shot, having better reflexes for ADS, and normally are the goto clutch player in most games. They also tend to use their k/d as a metric for judging their overall proficiency when comparing themselves to their peers. This encourages k/d focused players to build a superiority complex that inevitably leads to toxic encounters
So Siege emphasizes the opposite. While fragging still has its place, 1v1 gunfights dont dictate who will win nearly as much. In rainbow the victory is decided to the side that takes more care to prepare. This is expressed in factors such as positioning, improvisation, map knowledge, cooperation, communication, and many other abstract aspects that need to be developed over time... often through trial and error. None of which are recorded or accounted for by the game, and unfortunately arent factored in to who you play with or against when queuing. Instead of this, you are solely ranked by points you accumulate through a binary system of wins and loses. There are plenty of well written posts on this subreddit that detail the misunderstood MMR system and its negative influence on the game and community. That being said, this perpetuates the misperception that K/D is the most important factor. Many people still believe that the team with more fraggers decides the outcome of the match, and ones own ability to solely frag is the measure of an overall good player. Although accuracy and reflexes play a part in ones ability to execute plays, they dont superseed a players ability to thoughtfully prepare, understand, and make mindful tactical decisions that set up these opportunities. This is why not all diamond players dominate teams single handly. A group of 5 average players that consistently play together can achieve a higher rank because as a unit their win/loss reflects their unit's effectiveness. Of course there are exceptions, people have solo'd to diamond. It's important to point out though that diamond is 1% of that regions playerbase, and these players ability to spend more time on the game than others makes all the difference. This leads to the next point.
Rainbow also revolves around no respawning, and leaves everyone with only one opportunity to impact a round. Its important to note that this isnt common practice in the FPS genre. So the average player will have been playing respawn centered games for most of their gaming lifetime, and now are forced to take a time out whenever they make a unsuccessful choice and die. This is punishing all the more since they no longer effect the match directly. Instead they are forced to watch their teammates, and most folks cant help but watch with a critical eye. In some ways the game is designed to make them critical, this is a learning from the mistakes of others approach. The issue with learning from the mistakes of others has two points in Siege:
  1. The game's skill ceiling is always getting higher, and there is an overwhelming amount of information and variables to learn and consider on a individual let alone team level. Many people have more important responsibilities outside a video game to devote this kind of time and energy to learning. Expecting them to learn is too much to ask of people, most are just casually playing to blow off steam after a day of school or work. So random players of random commitment are placed together. With only two games modes that dont adequately do the job of dividing the casually committed and the competitive playerbases, this leads to the second point.
  2. The match making algorithm that places players against one another is terrible. Outside of the issue of smurf accounts, players often get pitted against players/teams that are drastically higher or lower rank than their own. Diamonds and silver players can and often do meet in ranked play, this usually results in blowouts that arent fun for anyone, breeding even more resentment and toxicity. Add to that they are playing with strangers whom they do not owe anything to and you get the even more griefing and toxic messaging. Some of this is understandable, at least during the first years of Siege's life span. A person with hundreds of hours of playtime being forced to watch someone with even half the time would grow impatient and intolerant. Siege's long learning curve is almost exclusively counterintuitive and a matter of trial and error. Having to sit through a game situation that you've already seen before isnt useful. But after 3 years of letting the culture of the community cement into toxicity more people are so embedded that toxicity is the accepted ediqqute.
It's important to point out that most players have the Fragger mindset as well. They hold other players to this standard of thinking and evaluate them in accordance to it. In other games this would be warrented, but in Siege this is an invalid approach to growth and ignores all the finer details that make the game good and unique. But that doesnt mean people realize it, or own up to it, and if they did, they dont care enough to act differently. Instead of learning from player mistakes, or doing the alternative by assisting teammates while dead with information they default to cynical, pessimistic, and above all toxic behavior. This does a wonderful job of exasperating the toxic community problem. As stated before the community culture has had to accept the toxicity since Ubisoft has failed to handle the issue as a priority early on. Why does Ubisoft put the toxicity issue on the back burner and only implament band-aid solutions? Hopefully my next point can shed some light on this.
Siege is going into year 4, and is clearly developing with the intention of a game that wants to compete with CSGO for the #1 FPS esport. The unfortunate problem is that Ubisoft doesnt have the money, experience, and ability to support the game the same as Valve has shown with CSGO. Everyone aware of this also has the standards and expectations CSGO has set after decades of being the example of esports, but fail in thecomparison to see that Siege and Ubisoft are still struggling to get there.
Ubisoft admitted at the before the Grand finals in Rio yesterday, that they are still understanding their own game. They made something entirely new with this game and are ignorantly feeling it out. That means how they balance it, introduce new content, and how to balance their goals and consumer demands. This is tricky because Siege is unique in terms of video game design and there isnt a clear model to copy the success of. They are basically learning how to support their game by trial and error just like we as players are learning how to play it, by trial and error.
Note that Ubisoft as a company doesnt generally make competitive multiplayer games, they are known for Assassins Creed primarily. Ubisoft does have more money than most competitors from its franchises, but they dont have anything like STEAM (ironically where are we buying rainbow on PC?). Valve is a private company as well, and Ubisoft is publically traded...this is why you get company priorities that have consquences like the Chinese censorship situation for example. Maybe (wishful thinking) when their global market goals are achieved then maybe...maybe we will see the quality of life improvements and other bugs ironed out as they will have reached their goal of dethroning CSGO. I dont believe Counter strike will be dethroned of course, but the "fps esport" market share may be more divided in the future between the games. This also is assuming Overwarch or another game doesnt change anything going forward.
The reason I wrote those last three paragraphs was to point out an underlying factor that perpetuates the toxicity. You have a situation where this game, that is striving to be a global esport like CSGO, is making decisions and putting resources solely to realizing that goal over building a casual player base. This comes at the expense of terrorist hunt, casual mode, and new game modes so they can instead devote all their resources to the global esport goal. Meanwhile the majority of the 35 million person player base is casually playing the game, with their own short term interest in mind. Ubisoft on one hand is playing for the long game, with the aim of a strong competitive scene. This dynamic creates tension with players as they perceive this as a game that refuses to address issues like hit registration, glitches and bugs, and releasing/ fixing imbalanced content. Players respond by having a bad attitude before even logging on since they view the game with a stigma. Sort of like if they had a car that is a lemon, the dealership keeps fixing it just enough to keep it on the road, at the same time not enough to keep it out of the garage. Since the alternative FPS games to choose from are battle royal, annual titles like CoD and Battlefield, and older games they stick around since there isnt much choice. This "got nothing better to play/ what's the point" attitude is a toxic casual mindset in of itself.
You can add the China situation, or the vow of silence the developers have taken recently towards reddit. But hopefully you see now that toxicity isnt a year 3 problem exclusively. There are many variables and these ones I've pointed out just get added to the pile.
This all is pointing to some obvious solutions Ubisoft has as options. Why they haven't taken them as we near the eve of the Siege's fourth year? We only can assume. But nonetheless these are steps that would act as a antidote and being people back in.
  1. Elaborate and expand the casual game mode/s to give players a way to divide themselves from players with more competitive values.
-First and foremost, allow spawn and site selection in casual. This feature being ignored has single handedly trivialized how ranked is played. What I mean is, folks look at ranked as a joke. Since the MMR system is jacked up and you cant pick sites you might as well play ranked casually. This misstep is so obvious, that having to write it out and explain this for the 100th time is killing my own and everyone else's brain cells...leading to more stupidity and more toxicity.
-Halo 3 is a great example of how a casual playlist can satisfy these players who wanted a place to blow off steam and not take the game seriously. YouTube channels like PriesT showcase custom games like shotgun roulette, strategy roulette, knife only, and border patrol that could be made official by Ubisoft to just name a few. Counter Strike has just as many examples as well (gun game). This would be just like what Bungie did with grifball, mongoose racing, and other fan made games that use assets that already exist in the game to create casual playlists and content. There are people out there that want to be Diamond shotgun roulette players.
-As much of a disaster as the outbreak event was, I stand by my belief that it should have stayed in the game as an alternative game mode. I realize a different Ubisoft studio made the mode, and it wasnt/isn't going to get more support, but keeping it would of added more value to the game (in a year that didnt add much). The potential options of how to tweak this formula to work is pretty versatile and I think Ubisoft gave up an opportunity here. A opportunity that would have lessened the criticism they are facing right now at the end of year 3. Besides, not keeping it in the build just wasted all the man hours and work of those developers. To what end that project was useful to Ubisfot besides selling outbreak alpha packs is beyond me.
-I know that Ubisoft has claimed that data file size or something or another was a limiting factor to adding content to the game. This is confusing though as they add a new map and operators every 3 to 4 months to the existing model. If this really is the case then I'm just curious how they intend to achieve their 100 operator goal and the maps that will come along with them. I'm not an expert on coding or working in gaming, but this seems fishy and hard to believe. Please reply if you can shed light on this topic as ignorance about it causes more community backlash and toxicity.
  1. Take Ranked out of Beta/ changes to draw a line between Ranked from Casual
-Just as casual playlists ought to be developed to give its players a place for what they want, so should Ranked playlists. I'm not going to make a case that ranked needs a significant overhaul, just things the community has already been calling for (for years). Taking the pick and ban system to ranked for one. If players that "play ranked causally" take issue with this the solution is simple, add choosing spawn/site locations to a casual playlist to facilitate this demand. You've got to keep em separated, those competitive and casual people are oil and water. Not doing so is striking a match and fanning that toxic flame.
-Increase the MMR values of ranks or add a multiple diamond level (1,2,3) and a master level. The thinking behind this is that the MMR system wont be altered anytime soon and more ranks will separate the players better than right now. But in a perfect world they would just scrap this model and make a better MMR system from the ground up. The issue of matching with players all over the board and not consistently with those of your own rank causes toxicity.
-Change Gold to Silver as the default rank upon completing 10 placement matches.
-At the very least if any of these points are unreasonable or unrealistic then at least settle for this. Take a season to dedicate development toward getting Ranked out of beta. Pause the map rework/buff, maybe even pause the operators. Just operation health the Ranked playlist into something that isn't a consistent negative talking point about the game.
  1. Griefing toxic behavior system.
-As mentioned before Ubisoft hasnt prioritized a solution to the toxicity in the game in a significant way. They've had report suspicious behavior, report toxic behavior, voice and chat mute buttons, and various ban policies. Lets not even get into the most recent text chat ban situation. Over the last 3 years none of these have reversed the growing toxicity trend. Meanwhile the the game they idolize to become, counter strike, has provided ample examples of how they counteract their team killing and communication problems.
-Counter strike server owners have had the ability to literally set damage observing code to detect consistant team damage to counteract griefers for example. They also handle team killing with forgive/punish systems that are developed to such a excessive degree that you can punish the perpetrator in multiple creative ways (bleed out, head explode, light on fire, insta death, to name a few.) To think that Ubisoft cannot implament a simple forgive feature with a yes/no prompt is unforgivable.
-I realize the server situation is anything but ideal or near to what counter strike has. My point is that clear and effective examples have existed since 1996, and its 2019 nearly. This ridiculous state of mishandling a simple problem in favor or pursuing their Esport agenda has grown the stigma attitude I mentioned and allowed the cancer of toxicity to spread to the vital organs of the community, like here on reddit. Reddit has become so fed up pointing out the obvious that they have basically given up, and when attempts to talk about these problems are brought up, the community ignores them or downvotes them.
If you read this whole wall of words then all I have to say is thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to. Hopefully this explains my point of view that Siege is a unique game that exist and is supported in a way that hasnt been done before. The growing pains are tough, but I believe this game will improve. I wouldn't have given it 3 years if it didnt, believe that, and I assume you wouldn't read all this if you didnt relate to that sentiment. But a case has to be made about the neglecting nature of Ubisoft's behavior toward these persistent problems. Problems that arent taken care of only becoming bigger ones, and eventually people will move on..they already are. This neglect also is the reason the community is so toxic, you cant blame them for becoming jaded. If these changes were made sooner the fact is that there would be less immersion breaking moments, and more time enjoying the game, from there that positivity only snowballs. Ubisoft shouldn't be waiting until player populations drop to an unacceptable point to be spurred into action (operation health). Also thanks for tolerating typos and whatever weak points I've made. This was originally a response to a different post that ended up becoming a full blown essay that I just needed to get out apparently.
Thanks for reading, and I hope this can begin a discussion towards a constructive direction since lately it's been anything other than that.
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Decentralized applications on TERA platform

Decentralized applications on TERA platform

Implementation of blockchain technologies provided a solution that allows to refuse of use of central servers for storing the database and to entrust them to a distributed registry. For the first time it was implemented through the example of digital currency – Bitcoin. Then enthusiastic programmers, who focused their attention on the opened opportunities, went further. They began to implement their ideas and supply new tools, laying the foundation for the digital system of the future. In such a way, smart contracts and decentralized applications appeared, presented to the user as software products for wide variety of spheres: business, entertainment, communication… Virtual blockchain began to obtain visual outlines.

Leaders in creation DApps

Ethereum became the first blockchain project that allows the creation of smart contracts and DApps.
But programmers faced difficulty - low transaction speed, which was limited to 20 tps. In 2017, EOS and TRON acted as projects that found a solution. They collected millions with the help of ICO and drove by roadmap.
On the one hand, indeed, the shown speed was significantly different and gave the opportunity to develop DApps (TRON - 1200 tps, EOS - 4000 tps). Although Ethereum took the lead in the number of created in its blockchain applications, taking a head start in two years, the competitors who appeared on the market began to drain-away developers to their platforms. For April 2019 EOS ranks the first in the number of unique users (171k) and transaction volume ($ 3 bln), TRON - the second (71k, 600 mln). This is despite the fact that more DApps allocated in Ethereum. The only thing is that transaction rate both TRON and EOS was obtained detriment of decentralization. Both projects work on the PoS consensus algorithm, and this is already a reason not to consider them decentralized. As for Ethereum, its blockchain with each fork also gradually moves towards the final transition to the PoS consensus. While the main developers justify their actions by that the PoW algorithm has already outlived itself and the distributed registry running on such a consensus cannot provide the characteristics, necessary for full-fledged DApps functionality.
That is not so!

Attractive advantage of TERA

In 2018 the TERA Foundation blockchain project was launched, which proved that it is too early to throw PoW into the past, if only because it copes brilliantly with security issues.
The author of TERA Yuri Ivanov by combining the sha3 and secp256k1 encryption algorithms in cryptography achieved excellent results, guaranteeing 1,000 transactions per second. And the architecture features of the TERA blockchain have higher capabilities - 5,000 tps. Moreover, this speed is not the limit, but without a network load test it’s early to talk about other numbers for the moment.
Anyway, we already see that currently provided speed allow the creators of DApps to embody their ideas. Language of smart contracts JavaScript facilitates the challenge. Some developers together with the creator of TERA did not waste time and for a relatively short time period of the platform’s existence placed into its space a number of really decentralized applications, that are now available to all wallet owners.

What DApps are on the TERA platform

So, what is currently available for use to members of the TERA community?
TERA decentralized exchange and a multi-currency wallet
The first decentralized platform for the cryptocurrency exchange is already in operation.
To be honest, for the present is only in one, but the most important direction - TERA / BTC.
Meaning that those who wish to purchase a coin can use the sellers' offers, placed on the platform, without turning to other exchanges where TERA has already passed listing.
Upon that, thanks to the latest update you can create a BTC account that will be bound to the main one. For sure increasing the number of cryptocurrencies for both trade and storage will increase the attractiveness. However, this is just a question of time and monitoring with what time intervals updates are released there is a confidence that it will not take long to wait. Moreover, to the topic of wallets and coins it pays to add that TERA allows you to issue your own tokens.

Services for business
Special attention is given to decentralized applications that help to conduct business activities and other dealings. For example, DApp "Promise" is available. By activating a smart contract the seller fixes his obligations with a bounded frozen account without money. The buyer studies the conditions and if they are suitable for him, he transfers the specified amount. Then goods are forwarded, or services are being provided. When deal is fulfilled, the buyer defrosts the seller’s account with the payment received. In case of refusal, the case is regarded by the escrow - the creator of the smart contract.
There is a DApp "Frozen", where you can freeze funds on your own account until the specified date or until a specific block is generated.
A great way to avoid money wasting and to hodl some coins for a desired period.
Other applications are in the planning stage, that will facilitate business processes conducting on the blockchain directly between the parties, without intermediaries.

Gambling admirers comprise a third of decentralized applications users. Therefore, among the DApps hosted on the TERA blockchain, entertainment from this area began to appear. There are a double bet game, a lottery and a one-armed bandit (slot machine). The slot machine evokes associations with the very first mechanical gambling machine of 1905.
It also has 3 drums and one pay line. But the functionality allows you to win the bonus round with 5 free spins and increased prize payout. Yet truth be told, you should be careful.
Personally, I’ve got the combination giving the jackpot x 200 bets, but as I later noticed the winning did not arrive in the account. Therefore, record the evidence of such things just to be on the safe side.
By the way, after the post about these errors in Discord (, the reply followed immediately. The reason was that for the convenience of the player the slot does not wait for 8 seconds, which are necessary for the blockchain to confirm the block, but returns results earlier. But if there is a case of a lost block, an error occurs, where diamonds symbols are shown on the drum.
It was reported about the immediate update of the client version with the corrected drawbacks of previous one.

Online shop
The platform operates an online shop with toys on the game Minecraft subject. For TERA coins you can get soft toys, souvenirs and other goods with the next day delivery in Moscow and within 5 days to other cities of the Russian Federation.
But it will be no difficulty for other salesmen to join and offer their product range. Creating an online store does not require much time, cost or special efforts. It will take several minutes between the decision to open the goods sales point on a decentralized TERA platform and fully realized project. It is enough to load feed with an assortment and prices. Moreover, all data is stored on the blockchain, which excludes needs for hosting.
The buyer studies the product and if finds something interesting for himself, makes an order. A clear interface with a full functional basket is available to fulfill the order.
Payment is commission-free. The seller observes the process through the admin panel, which informs him about the state of affairs and reports the change of good statuses during all stages - from the moment of adding to the basket to delivery to the buyer.
The money paid for the goods is reserved on the buffer account at first and only after the buyer receives his order, the seller receive the amount of money to his account.

Other DApps
The first resources for communication appeared on the decentralized platform. This is a forum and dating chat.
Arcade games started to come in, like Floppy Birds. This game already was able to prove that for a poor little bird it’s so difficult to fly, even in the blockchain space!
Especially when the flight takes place in the neighborhood of a virtual industrial town, where there are more pipes than trees, and they grow right before our eyes (in the truest sense of the word!)
Once again, I would like to remark that all this is really decentralized, it works and TERA is waiting for new developers, those who want to distribute and monetize their software products free, and what is more, in the most popular programming language – JavaScript.

What else would be nice to see on TERA

Virtual soil of TERA is just beginning to put out shoots of the first planted digital seeds, and in the blockchain space there is enough space for the flight of imagination when creating DApps. I will give as an example just the first that comes to mind, as well as taken from the statements of members of the TERA community on
Thus, would be great to see:
- platform for trading binary options, for a start at least on the same pair of TERA / BTC;
- browser for work with DApps and recommendations for building applications;
- a service for voting on the blockchain would provide transparency into the system of election in any sphere (such a proposal was received at Eurovision-2019, why not create it on TERA);
- author's rights patenting services for works of art, inventions and other intellectual property;
- a full-fledged forum where comments would be saved and could not be deleted (the foundation of such an application has already been laid);
- chess, backgammon, bingo, durak and other classic games;
- more games! Strategies, shooter games, exploration games... Suggest to take a deeper look to the hits of the 80s and 90s. Could be found what to remember and transfer to the decentralized platform TERA;
- fully functional casino with a wide range of entertainment: 3-line and 5-line Slot games, roulette, blackjack, poker, bets and other services of gambling industry;
- and so on and so forth.
If such ideas do not come to developers’ mind, feel free to contact the author of this article and he will share his own in the field of gaming and gambling, and help with their realization with the creative approach!
In the long run, what we need for everyday life? Tools to make money and ways to spend it.
The unique features of TERA blockchain make it possible to place both in it.
Plus they will be independent of any central administration and free of censorship.
To inspire developers for actions, the Chinese TERA community announced a contest with a prize fund of 165,000 coins.
Those who are interested in placing their DApps on TERA will be helped by DApp Paper -
And a couple of words to the developers: You can choose TRON platform, you can choose EOS or Ethereum. But what are your priorities? All these systems are in the hands of corporate owners, which leads away from decentralization. And those who want to get away from totalitarian control and give the fruits of their creativity complete freedom should consider the TERA platform.
The TERA Foundation website has a page with a special world map. It shows in real time how many full nodes support the blockchain operation- To be among the first means to participate in laying the foundation, that is able to withstand a powerful boost to the rapid development of future technologies. If there is no your city on the map, only a few minutes separates you from correcting it. Instructions for node installation will help to join the TERA community and make your contribution right now.
It can be found here:
Participation in the expansion of TERA encourages growth and development of the idea of freedom from central administration, which was stated when Bitcoin was launched.
These are not just fantasies or dreams, there are authoritative representatives of science who consider blockchains to be the basis for the economy of future, which will have no boundaries. And with the help of active participants full decentralization will come much faster. This development has no limits, since it is fueled by the independent striving, own free will and potential that is inherent in each of us.
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As attractive as the Martingale strategy may look to both binary options traders, increasing the investment on each high-probability trading set-up, it is initially flawed by two misconceptions. The first of these is the so-called ‘gamblers fallacy’ and an assumption that both the roulette wheel and a financial market have a memory to remember what happened on the previous bet/trade. This ... Options trading is very different from playing roulette, and is based on real facts, such as market behavior rather than fixed/non-fixed odds at the roulette table. Predict with great confidence the outcome before you place your trade. Instead of having the option of black, red, 0, etc with roulette, simply forecast whether an option will expire higher Binary Options Winning Tips and Strategies. Now that you understand how this form of financial trading works, you’re ready to learn some basic binary options winning tips as well. After understating the things below, you’ll be able to move on and read my more advanced binary options strategy guides. Bankroll management Martingale is a popular form of betting strategy and often used in binary options; read on to find out why you should not be using it. The Martingale Method. A martingale is one of many in a class of betting strategies that originated from, and were popular in, 18th century France. The simplest of these strategies, all intended for gambling and gaming, was designed for a zero-sum game, that is ... The Martingale Strategy is a common binary trading strategy that is used by most binary options traders. It is where a binary options trader doubles his or her bet after losing the previous bet, with the hope of winning this time round. The doubling of the bet is done in the attempt of covering the previously lost bet. The most important thing that binary options traders should not forget when ... Choose an appropriate trading strategy. In order to win at binary options you must follow a trading strategy. You will not win by guessing. Your strategy could be based on technical analysis (charts) or/and fundamental analysis (news). There are many trading strategies available but unfortunately what works for some may not work for others. Start trading binary options now. The popular strategies to go for are: I – Fundamental Analysis Strategy . This strategy is concerned with the analysis of the behavior of the overall performance or attributes of a company. As an investor or trader in binary options, you are interested in knowing about the health of the balance sheet, income statement and the cashflow statement of the ... Trading Accuracy of 80 percent plus a secret trading binary options strategy trading that generates $675 daily With this system You will get one session every trading day,. You will get get multiple signal sent every day and the price the service is ninety seven dollars for every two weeks it will be the best money I ever spent when it comes to this stuff.So this is the top five of the best ... Then open the European roulette, once the European Roulette open just click on Autoplay, if the fast play option is not activated you will have to activate it by going to your >>menu >>options then select fast play. In the options validate then click on Autoplay. The robot starts to play and win by himself West the robot is very fast and he plays following a winning message min well you can ... Once you know the system, you can either automate it with one of my trading robots, or apply it manually to any other trading system or game of chance, including: Forex Trading, Stock Trading, Binary Options, Commodities Trading, S&P, NASDAQ, Sports Betting, casino games, etc. Although, it works best in financial markets where you can have far better odds than a casino game.

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80-90% Winning Binary Options Strategy - 1 to 5 Minutes

Profit $40.000, The secret trading strategy in, the latest strategy of March 2017 - Duration: 8:29. beststrategy binary 46,429 views 💲💹Pocket Option: 💰💲FULL BEGINNER? Join My PERSONAL TRAINING!💴💵 BLW Trading Academy: http://www ... Try in Free: #binary_options #iq_option_strategy #iq_option ★★Best Binary Broker List★★ ----- RISK ... IQ Options - subscribe and leave a like for more videos.Online trading is a very risky investment/profession. It i... In this video I am going to show you my 60 seconds binary options strategy which is 90 to 100% accuracy and 100% profit guaranteed. I am doing binary options... This Strategy is for 60 seconds timeframe. Watch carefully video t... Watch carefully video t... Sign up here - IQ Option Strategy for 90% Winning Trades. The road to success through trading IQ option Best Bot Reviews Iq Option 2020 ,We make videos using this softwhere bot which aims to make it easier for you t... Open Binary com account is a Training for best way to making money $100 to $1000 daily onlin... 60 Seconds binary options strategy 99 - 100% Winning (100% profit guaranteed) 90 - 95% Winning Binary Options Strategy in case of correct prediction - 1 to 5...